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Sun, 28 Jul



Infinite Love Peace Ritual

The world is your Oyster, be ready to harvest

Infinite Love Peace Ritual
Infinite Love Peace Ritual

Time & Location

28 Jul 2024, 12:00 – 16:30

London, Malet St, London WC1E 7HX, UK

About The Event

Day 2 – Infinite Love Peace Ritual

Sunday the 28th July,

12:00pm- 4:30pm

By Tijen Ahmet and Kwame Djemjem


Imagine evolving without conditioning, free from the influence of our parents’ and society’s prescribed belief systems. By honouring our mothers, fathers, ancestors, and nature, we embrace a natural form of evolution. These elements converge to nourish and create our bodies, fostering a space where our eternal spirit can shine its brightest, especially when we resonate with love.


 Inspired by

-Mindful movement and meditation to connect with our innermost selves.

-Creative play to unlock the imagination and celebrate our existence on earth.

-Sound, song, and dance to express, release and elevate emotional energy.

-Creative exploration to foster innovation and self-discovery.

-Our benevolent ancestors

-The transformative nature of fire, symbolising renewal and rebirth.

Participants will write personal prayers on paper, which will then be burned. The ashes will be mixed with paint, and affirmations for self-love will be painted on strips of fabric, transforming our prayers into powerful art metaphors. These affirmations are energised as participants dance with the fabric strip affirmations, embodying and reinforcing their intentions.

Rehumanise the Dehumanised

Channel all the creative, loving energy of the day into group collaborations. Each group will create a tribute to individuals affected by atrocities, celebrating the joy and life they cherished.

To dehumanise others, perpetrators must first strip away their victims’ humanity to protect  their own conscience from self destructing. Solidifying hatred and adopt a warped sense of justice and morality to enable participation in atrocities.

By celebrating the joy these dehumanised victims held for life, we rehumanise them, offering light, energy, and healing not only to the victims but also to the perpetrators. It allows the perpetrators to reflect on their own conditioning and the traumas embedded in narratives of supremacy.

All the creative, loving energy of the day is channel into group collaborations. Each group will create a tribute to individuals affected by atrocities, celebrating the joy and life they cherished.

Inherited Traumas of Supremacy

Most people are aware of hereditary traumas stemming from colonisation, enslavement or oppression. Including self-worth issues, loss of culture, health disparities, dysfunctional family dynamics and economic disadvantages.

The inherited traumas of those perpetrating atrocities are seldom acknowledged. Adopting dehumanising narratives compromises their ability to love others, trapping them in a traumatic state. We carry the traumas of up to 14 generations, influencing our relationships even today. By learning to love our ancestors unconditionally, despite their actions, we enhance our capacity to love ourselves and others.

Many melanated rich people often disassociate themselves with their European ancestors because of the rampant abuse injected into their ancestry during enslavement, colonialism or the aftermath. Regardless, we all products of our ancestors and if we hate our ancestors, we hate ourselves.

We will discuss how to love our ancestors unconditionally  regardless of their malevolence. In doing so, we increase our capacity to love.

Event Altar

We warmly invite you to contribute an item to the event’s altar, symbolising your personal journey into spiritual awakening. This could be a sentimental artifact or a natural object. The loving energy of the day will be enshrined in this item, allowing you to take home the blessings and continue to feel the event’s impact.

Infinite Love Rituals

-Our holistic approach provides participants with

-rituals to foster reciprocal relationships with ancestors and Mother Nature

-tools to maintain and nurture self-love

-methods to enhance creativity

-deep understanding of unconditional love,

-cultivatong a loving, creative, and healing environment

-ancestral wisdom and natural connections

As the day progresses, participants will engage in practices designed to open their hearts further, enabling them to send and receive love more freely and to transform their lives through the power of creative expression and communal energy.


Tijen Ahmet

Tijen is an experienced multi-skilled practitioner since 2007. She is a Highly Sensitive seer, Earth whisperer, medicine woman & holistic practitioner of multiple healing arts. She has a background in Psychosocial Studies, Mental Health Education, Youth & Family Support and Community Care.

Tijen is the founder and creator of Living Wanders Wellness and Eternal Medicines Apothecary. She currently practices as a Licensed Energy Worker & Flower Essence Therapist, Yoga teacher with over 550hrs of training, Intuitive Guide, Holistic Facilitator & Earth Ceremonialist.

When not creating and holding space for others, Tijen can be found wandering around the world solo, making potions, hugging trees, dancing salsa and loving on those she cares about. With a compassionate heart, Tijen facilitates her sessions with a unique blend of empathy, humour, and wisdom.

Kwame Djemjem aka Artikal Flex -

 I am a Creative Artivist. I am the founder of Infinite Loves, Indigenous Peoples Embassy, Nurturing Creatives, Pyramids of Love and co-founder of Infinite Love Rituals –

My speciality is having fun. I imagine my evolution without conditioning. Three things that sit well with me are, I would see myself as a child of nature. Nature nourishes me. I would honour my parents and ancestors, they came together to create my body. Choosing between being infinite or not, I would go for infinite, I am energy that cannot be created or destroyed. That makes me accept that I am already living in heaven, because existing without a body does not seem as much fun.

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