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Abi Osho

Clinical Hypnotherapist  & Holistic Lifestyle Coach

Works with and supports incredible women of colour on their own journey of transition.

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Imani Nia Sorhaindo

Mindfulness Teacher 

Imani runs lo

I was born in Dominica, West Indies and came to the UK in 1979. From my late teens, my life in the UK has been centred around equality, justice, community development, health, well-being and healing.

I am a qualified Holistic Health Practitioner, Life-Coach and Teacher specialising in guided imagery, acupressure, energy balancing work and mindfulness meditation. I work primarily with women, assisting in womb-wellness to address health conditions such as fibroids and heavy menses.

Much of my current work is centred around online one to one coaching, group facilitation and event management. In 2021 I will continue running my classes online such as: Mindfulness Meditation, Energy Balancing/Qi Cultivation and the Black Women’s Womb-Wellness Support Group.  

Founder of KMT Rising

Co-Director of Be Me Like We


Kareem Ghandour

Clinical Hypnotherapist  & Holistic Lifestyle Coach

Kareem has a BA in Media and Cultural Studies and two MAs in Digital Marketing and Sustainability. In 2011 he joined the founding group of a grassroots mindfulness community for young adults “Wake Up” and played an active role in supporting the community to grow through facilitating weekly sessions, retreats, and organising outreach projects.


Gwen Williams 

Mindfulness Teacher 

I bring over 20 years personal and clinical experience to my work at the Nightingale Hospital. On the general therapy programme I facilitate a weekly mindfulness awareness group, and on occasion, I facilitate the interpersonal therapy groups. In addition, I co-convene the eight-week Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy course. Alongside group based therapy I offer individual therapy for a broad range of emotional and mental health difficulties.


Dr. Raphael Jay Adjani

An integrative psychotherapist; Resident Life Coach at Amaravati Wellness Center, Thailand; and formerly Honorary Programme Director of New Life Foundation, a Mindfulness-based recovery and wellbeing centre in Thailand. 

This includes being a member of the teaching team of UK organisation Rainbow Mind. Rainbow Mind delivers pioneering  programmes including Radical Self-Care that are particularly supportive of the lives of LGBTQIA+, alongside black and ethnic minorities. 




Hycinth Taylor

Psychotherapist Mindfulness Teacher


Céline Gaza


Rehena Harilall

• An accomplished strategic Global Transformational Change Director who partners with Senior Executives (C-Suite) and Board Level to deliver large scale, complex change transformation programmes
• Skilled in rapidly translating strategic vision into tangible, innovative solutions to achieve desired business outcomes
• Combines significant Programme Directorship & Leadership experience with a deep pragmatic background in Organisational Change and Transformation delivery


Sheila Balgobin 

Sheila has been an active member of the Black, African and Asian Therapist Network for 10 years. Known as The Dream Decipherer, she teaches people how to extract the information contained in their dreams to create the life they dream of and deserve.


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