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In just over two years MNPC has gained traction and global visibility for its mission, from hosting the world’s first online “People of Colour Retreat” during the covid lockdown to raising awareness, providing mindfulness teachings, meditation groups and fostering healing though online Heart Circles.

MNPC has gained many supporters and subscribers world-wide and has attracted some of the most renowned POC mindfulness and empowerment speakers in the world today including; Rhonda Magee, Dawa Tarchin Phillips, Dene Donalds amongst others to teach and speak at retreats organised and hosted by MNPC.

We are dedicated to making a kinder, wiser world by making transformational education widely available. We are now offering our platform to individuals and organisations seeking to promote themselves and make strides in teaching mindfulness, wellness, life coaching & empowerment for the POC community and at the same time helps us provide access to teachings and empowerment retreats at subsidised rates to the unemployed or those on low incomes.

MNPC Membership empowers individuals that are actively working to shape the future of the mindfulness teaching field within the context of POC groups.

Benefits of Membership Include:

  • A listing on the Peoples Community Board on the MNPC website. 
  • Access to the MNPC community of mindfulness teachers, allowing you to network with leaders in the mindfulness teaching community
  • Priority booking for MNPC retreats
  • The opportunity to pursue an internationally recognized accreditation or certification that shows you have met our rigorous standards of mindfulness teacher training.
  • Mindfulness professionals receive MNPC partner logos for use in their publicity
  • Showcase your talent or feature your work on our YouTube channel
    (Professional Membership only)
  • Members discount price for retreats/workshops (Professional Membership only)
  • Invitation to present at our monthly POC meditation group (All Memberships)
  • Christmas and spring music & art festival (All memberships)

Membership Levels

Annual Membership is £50

Benefit: £10 for Breathe Monthly Event

Membership for students & concessions: £15

Please let us know if you would like us to send your event on our monthly newsletter events. (first flyer’s free!).

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