Mindfulness & Social Change

Everyone who has tried to address the social realities of oppression and privilege knows that these are tough subjects. Even saying the word “oppression,” or “racism,” “sexism” and “heterosexism,” will get some people’s back up. Many folks start to feel angry, guilty, ashamed or upset when these topics are raised, no matter how we approach them. But we can’t have a more just society without talking about injustice. How can we address these topics in a constructive way that will help people to listen and grow, not just create conflict and ill feelings?

We aspire to bring together individuals in a range of ways to explore the relationship between mindfulness and social change. We expect and encourage debate on definitions of mindfulness to be part of this exploration. Hence we do not promote a particular definition of mindfulness to which all our members should adhere but our common interest is mindfulness training and practice in contemporary, secular contexts. We are an independent, voluntary, non-profit network – sustained through the passion and commitment of our members, and small funds generated through events and voluntary donations. 


Our Vision is to create a network and supportive online community that will plant the seeds of mindfulness for diversity and inclusion. JOIN US


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