Mindfulness Network for People of Colour 

MNPC is a community interest company with a focus on programs for people of colour and establishing a sitting practice. To support, resource and explore ways of managing life & positive identity  through Mindfulness. 

Healing the absent father wound 

3-days Retreat in Kent in the beautiful Ashburnham Place. 

Dates: Friday 23rd June to Sunday 25th of June 2023

Book through crowdfunding and save £100. Please see our events page. 

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MNPC has gained many supporters and subscribers worldwide and has attracted some of the most renowned  POC mindfulness and empowerment speakers in the world today including; Rhonda Magee, Dawa Tarchin Phillips, Dene Donalds, Erica McInnis, Eugene Ellis, amongst others who are shaping the world of mindfulness. 

If you are a mindfulness teacher or working in a related field of ‘Diversity and inclusion’ we would love to hear from you.

If you are a charity, or CIC & would like working with the area of EDIs please contact us.

Summer Home 9 day Retreat
02 Jul, 09:00 BST – 10 Jul, 15:00 BST
Image by Tim Mossholder


We love to hear from you and your voice matters!

We offer a number of option of sponsorship and advertising though our website and newsletter.  

In just over three years MNPC has gained traction and global visibility for its mission, from hosting the world's first online "People of Colour Retreat" during the covid lockdown to raising awareness, providing mindfulness teachings, meditation groups and fostering healing through online Heart Circles. 

    Please support Natasha Huggins for more information 

Email info@mnpc.co.uk 

Forgiveness meditation in 3 directions 

Forgiveness is a multi-disciplinary process within which mindfulness can help our understanding of the complex nature of interpersonal relationships which have caused us harm and grievance. Mindfulness plays a significant role in reducing negative effects such as unconscious bias, prejudice, and resentment; while forgiveness allows for the containment or trojectory of deep insight and wisdom. The forgiveness enquiry is therefore a unique space that brings together the elements of non-judgement and benevolence towards unpleased discord which can dwell in our psyche for years unattended. The value of this process deserves full status and recognition as a working model for use within education, mental health and contemplative practice.

Breathworks Funding 

We offer bursaries to access our online mindfulness courses, for our teacher training programme and seed funding for projects being run by Breathworks Accredited Teachers. 

Mindfulness Online Course 

''The bursary was not only a financial aid for me, but actually, for the first time in seven years made me feel supported......A wonderful course mindfully constructed and creatively and authentically facilitated. I can and do recommend this eight-week online course in Mindfulness for Health; life affirming. I am so grateful to The Breathworks Foundation and at a tough time in my life, feel blessed for being able to take part.”  - Katrina

Breathworks Teacher Training Programme

“I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2010…I’m on benefits and access to the bursary fund to commence my teacher training was a big deal for me. I felt enabled and empowered - for the first time in a long time! I was able to embark on the training pathway to not only take my discovery deeper but also to enable others to do the same.” - Tom

Project Funding

We provide a small amount of funding, annually, to invest in innovative mindfulness-based projects. Projects must meet the following criteria:

  • Be run by a Breathworks accredited teacher 

  • Bring mindfulness to underserved communities 

  • At an early stage in their development

The funding is prioritised for projects at the proof-of-concept stage or projects that would find it difficult to raise funds from other sources without completing this proof-of-concept work.

We are likely to fund 5-10 projects with typical awards between £500-£1000 in total.

Apply for Seed Funding Here 

Deadline for applications is 31.07.22.  Decisions will be made by the end of August.