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Voices on our 4-year journey 

Becoming The Mindfulness Network for people of colour, testimonials and comments 

Belonging, many years later.

Here I am so many years later. I am because of you. A total collection of our collective experiences. We are never separate but part of a greater whole. I'm loving my dependence on trust. The intention and sustained enquiry in each other’s past.

Ultimately, there is no distance between us. There is no 'I', there is no ,'me', only the dial of life's frequency that keeps us separate. The betrayals, the hurt, abandonment, and distance.

There are many ways to make you feel home, to smile, witness, listen and attend. Ultimately, we belong, each part of us, seen and unseen.

Ultimately to belong is to be seen, understood, and accepted. All of us, not just the parts they are able or willing to see.

We can live our lives in pieces and live in a confinement box. But identity is like a kaleidoscope of lived experiences and/or memories. But above all, if kindness is the root connection, courage is the energy into the drawbridge of love, and forgiveness bares the anticipating new dawn of a better us.

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Mindfulness in nature 


Community comments- In the process of becoming, in hearing the many voices and shared journeys of what makes or breaks the human spirit, the complexity and intersectionality's of race and ethnicity require a deep commitment to both change and compassionate insight, thank you for carrying this torch of liberation.

I recognise that there need to be spaces for people of colour specifically. A place where the needs of people with those identities and communities are put first. Put first, in a wider social context in which we have all too often been marginalised, underrepresented or outright excluded.

The 'Mindfulness Network for People of Colour' is needed to address internalized racism, and to deal with the negative stigma and isolation that many of us feel in white spaces. To have teachings that can also reflect the voices which often are silenced by oppression. To also understand that with privilege comes responsibility. Most importantly that we can learn the value in leaning on practices in times of difficulties and uncertainty.

It is easy to say 'everyone is equal and we should be inclusive' when you've never had to suffer from the impact of institutionalised racism. I'd love for us to live in an equal society, though sadly this isn't the lived experience of so many. Therefore I feel it is an important and useful thing to have spaces or opportunities specifically for people from groups that need them.

I think 'People of All Colours,' as an attempt to placate white people, feeds into this narrative that 'we shouldn't see colour, everyone is equal.' This statement and sentiment is often a white person's idealised narrative coming from a place of privilege because we've never had to live the reality of racism. 

In the US* asserting that something is for people of "all colours" is a written signal that space wants to claim an interest in social justice. However, it's really about making sure that Euro-Americans feel comfortable at any cost. Such a space would either end up all "white" or would rapidly become so hostile to POC, eventually driving POC out.

Hi William, I just explored the MNPC website and I love it, well done! For me your message is strong, passionate, fair and so very.... MINDFUL!! I prefer the "People of all Colours" name as (for me) it is totally inclusive. I am of mixed race and "appear" white. So names and titles usually have little meaning for me until I sense whether the person/subject/group is completely non-judgemental.

Hi William, I realise in reading your post that I feel quite hesitant in commenting on the choice of names. I think, first and foremost, that it's just a fantastic project and I really applaud your intentions and approach. Race, ethnicity and inclusion feel like such complex topics to me, and I've been really interested to read other people's feelings about the name choice.

Comments on the complexity of the term POC:

I realised quite quickly that I had not considered that I might have a black participant and in fact I did not have the knowledge to describe a black palm. I had one black participant turn up so I had to imagine the colouring and use those descriptions. My daughter is mixed-race and my ex-husband is African but we separated over 20 years ago. It showed me that I was not being inclusive in my preparation.It is perhaps because we Irish have been an oppressed race for so long, and we too were sold into slavery to work the sugar plantations - and of course I am not comparing the Irish oppression to the suffering of any other group. 

Hi William, I’m white but I prefer People of Colour - it’s an emotional rather than rational response I think, but has to do with colour and joy and even if you’re ‘white’, that’s a colour (and who on earth is actually ‘white’ - so we’re all ‘of colour’ if we’re open and honest about it. 

Testimonials, Reviews, Well Wishes

  Empowerment Retreat comments 


‘I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to participate in the Empowerment Retreat.

From the libation ritual that carried the hope of our Ancestors, to the rich sharing of breath, recognition, resources, support, and healing with a community of mindful souls who look like me.

The wonderfully creative, inspirational speakers and offerings. The messages of ‘beginning again’ was so powerful for me and the acknowledgement that I am not a visitor.

Reclaiming where I am from allowed space for me to start to feel safe,  to come just as I am, to see and be seen. I am beginning to find my place of belonging…. of coming home.

Thank you, I am so grateful for this precious sacred space – Namaste’


Rita Devi Mitra 

"The retreat for me, was as refreshing cool water which didn’t run off but permeated and refreshed me at my roots. I didn’t even realise the drought I was in until I was immersed in day 1. I was inspired and challenged by and in  discussions with Rhonda Magee, Fehinti Balogun and Eugene Ellis as well as the wider community. And attending to the needs of my behaviours and body through practices will be part of how I am in the world now. Thank you."




'This was my first retreat with the MNPC group and I really enjoyed, and appreciated the time spent on mindfulness. A lovely programme with a mix of speakers and live meditations. Thank you to those who organised and presented it so well - looking forward to the next one.' Zindy

‘The 2022 MNPC online retreat ‘Quest for True Belonging’ was a profound 9-day experience. All of the offerings; speakers and mindfulness practitioners were phenomenal. Thank you MNPC for holding such a sacred and healing space' 



Mindfulness in action comments 


"I also wanted to say a massive THANK YOU for this course. I’ve done a lot of mindfulness courses in the past, but there is something really special about what you are presenting us with: I feel the possibility of real and lasting change. So thank you very much for that gift". M Darnell - October 2022

"Imani is a great trainer, very kind, patient and very knowledgeable . I enjoyed these 5 weeks so much. I learnt to meditate without guidance, on my own! I slept like a baby after each session . Thank you so much Imani" T. Lack - February 2022

"I am taking the Mindfulness course with Imani. I am loving the way she delivers this topic. She is passionate about offering the gift of mindfulness to her students. The course material is very helpful. Although I have been meditating for many years, Imani’s course has helped me take my meditation to a brand new level. I am already feeling more in the now and the breath work she is teaching me is very powerful. I’ve been using her method for a couple of weeks now and already feel the physical, mental and emotional benefits. Imani has such inner peace and is very grounded. It has been a delight being one of her students". Walkiria Bass - 2021



Shobhit Pawar

Happy Birthday MNPC

Thank you so much for all the love and beautiful space to be in. Deep gratitude towards everyone who have had made a huge contribution towards benifits of many.

Sadhu xxx

Oliver Luke Taylor

Well done on four years dear William Fley!!!!!

It was an worthwhile challenge and opportunity to work with you and the diverse core MNPC team in various roles (volunteer, admin, retreats, events and executive) back then. It was especially rewarding to work on the world's first global online weekend POC retreat by the MNPC, headlined by Rhonda Magee.

Thank you so much for your continued support, resources, trainings and teachings.

I'm curious about what the future holds for the MNPC's progress.

May you and your team continue to practice mindfully and ethically.

May the MNPC and its offerings continue to grow, prosper and care compassionately for Black and racialized communities.

May the world be a kinder and wiser place through forgiveness.

Skywalker Payne

Thank you William Fley for giving me the opportunity to gain confidence as an ancestral healer sharing with your group. You are a sterling example of generosity and committed spiritual practice. You've inspired and expanded the people of color mindfulness network around the world. Sending light energy and blessings in all your endeavors. And stay in touch!

Pauline Gibbs

4 Years! 


 my friend! Sitting in that little café in Putney (all those years ago), who would of dreamt that from those wonderful seeds planted, that such a beautiful vine would grow and nourish so many. Thank you for daring to dream. Thank you for your passion, vision and tenacity. I look forward to seeing MNPC’s next steps.

Sending blessings, kindness and warm felt gratitude for all that you have done, do now and will do in the future. Sister Px

Vidya Maharaj

Thks so much William Fley . No need for a mention. I recall the first ever MNPC online retreat. So many excellent practitioners. And its just gone from strength to strength now. keep up the amazing work.

Spring retreat -Horsham 

A beautiful weekend in peaceful surroundings brings new friends and a real sense of community.  Many people had travelled from far away after many changes of covid, and challenges in their lives, losses, war, illness and global financial pressures.  For this reason, these spaces and opportunities to connect are critical in our selfcare, self regulation and processing trauma thought the abundance of love and generously in the space. 

Introduction to Mindfulness online course

The Quest for true Belonging 

Angela Paskins

Wow, William Fley, you have been on an amazing life journey and courageously faced so many harsh challenges. Brave and peaceful warrior. The two year teacher training with Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield must have been awesome. They are two of my favourite teachers, and I have books by them both, A Path With Heart by JK being among my favourites, along with True Refuge by TB. Many blessings and 


 to you. The questions you concluded with are those which we would all do well to carry with us through life.

Aishah Shahidah Simmons

This is both profound and beautiful. 

brenda Collins

William, thank you so much for sharing your story. It means so much to and for me.. Sending you deep love and gratitude.

Happy 4th birthday MNPC. It's been an inspiring journey with you William Fley and all. Looking forward to the next annual retreat xx

Shobhit Pawar

Happy Birthday MNPC

Thank you so much for all the love and beautiful space to be in. Deep gratitude towards everyone who have had made a huge contribution towards benifits of many.

Sadhu xxx

Skywalker Payne

Thank you William Fley for giving me the opportunity to gain confidence as an ancestral healer sharing with your group. You are a sterling example of generosity and committed spiritual practice. You've inspired and expanded the people of color mindfulness network around the world. Sending light energy and blessings in all your endeavors. And stay in touch!

Greetings William, Tim & MNPC colleagues. William, I’d like to acknowledge you and your enduring, inspiring commitment to this work/field and everyone connected with you and to service of the greater good. My regards & respect to Tim as well. You unceasingly reach out/express your support and pull through for MNPC and for all folks to rise. We may rarely speak or meet but your care, leadership and brilliance shines ever bright. Salutations and blessings to you brother  CB Viva MNPC.. love to all beings.


Mindfulness in Action 5-Week


Course for People of Colour with Imani Sorhaindo

Award winning Female Entrepreneur of the Year 2022 and Health Champion Finalist 2022!



Explore Mindfulness from a Cultural Perspective to gain insight, self-awareness and inner resilience!

About the course


This 5-week course is for People of Colour who want to learn more about the key principles of Mindfulness and Meditation from a cultural perspective, and apply practical techniques to assist in day to day living. The course will assist with your experiences of racism and micro-aggression in the workplace or community and is a safe and supportive environment for people of colour to gain self-awareness, to heal from past and current forms of oppression and discrimination towards personal transformation.

See website for related dates

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