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MNPC Complaints Procedure


Complaints Procedure

The MNPC teachers and staff are committed to ensuring that your retreat experience with MNPC is as supportive and beneficial as possible. We welcome your feedback in order to help us improve the service we offer to participants. General feedback and suggestions may be offered via email alternatively if you wish to put in a complaint below are a few options. 


If there is any aspect of the service you receive that you consider unsatisfactory please bring this to our attention as soon as possible, and we will attempt to address it. If we are not able to resolve the situation to your satisfaction, you may bring a formal complaint which will be dealt with on a confidential basis and should be made in writing or by email to:


Complaints Department 


Your complaint will be acknowledged, and you will be informed as to when you can expect a response – usually within 28 days. Please do not write to individual members of the team as you will directed to this procedure. Please keep and submit all your evidence including any voice notes and WhatsApp messages or social media. Please note as a volunteer organization any cost for an external meditation would have to be divided.

First stage:

Mindfulness approach using 'rain'

First we invite all participates top sit in practice and follow the guidelines in the link below.

Second stage:

In some cases the need for investigation or disciplinary procedures may require some time and you will be informed of the expected timeline. You can summit your complaint with evidence to an internal panel.   Once has completed their investigation, both parties are welcome to present there case.


Final option :

If you are not satisfied with the investigation or process and determination of your complaint, you may ask  appeal to an independent panel. Please you are responsible for are legal cost acculated. 

If the complaint concerns a breach of the ethical guidelines for teachers and staff, it may be necessary to involve the Ethical Ombudsperson; an independent individual available to support the hearing and resolution of complaints regarding ethical issues. 

Thank you for your patience,



MNPC Team,

Mark Lenard, Imani Shrindo, William Fley, Tim Fry, Babrabra Soltero, Hychith Taylor, Koko Bassey.

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