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The MNPC Vision is to promote accessibility and transformational tools for people of colour 




A warm welcome!


The Mindfulness Network for People of Colour (MNPC) is an independent not-for-profit organisation established in 2019 in the UK for wellbeing programs for people of colour.  MNPC brings together community leaders, peer group facilitators and a team of advisory board members, volunteers and project coordinators. 


As well as regular retreat online, we host a monthly 'Breathe' event on the first Sunday of each month. This brings together a unique blend of  elements of mindfulness, including sound energy healing and music, and a range of high calibre presenters from around the world. 

Our speakers' topics include issues of belonging, healing through our ancestors, African-centred mindfulness, addiction recovery,  racism and oppression, overcoming hardship and adversity, resilience, dharma for people of colour, shamanism, sound energy healing, LGBTQIA+ and much more. 

This project was set up primarily to provide friendship and wellbeing, and has grown with an energy and force encompassing the wide definition of 'People of Colour' to offer hope and opportunity following the global uprising of June 2020  and the challenges facing us. 


Is anyone listening and taking action around issues of racial awareness?   Yes, MNPC is. And we are here to offer the world safe spaces to build community, strengthen resilience and heal.  

I would like to welcome you to our dream of establishing the first mindfulness centre in the UK for people of colour.

William Fley 

Founder and director 


Online International Retreat (taken from


William Fley


Eugene Ellis (Baatn)

Salma Darling

Aims and Benefits:


  1. Creating a welcoming and culturally supporting meditative space for POC members around the world.

  2. Mentoring supporting mindfulness-based programs and training paths.

  3. Highlighting and developing cultural awareness and related research, links and programs.

  4. Creating a supportive community through intercultural dialogue.

  5. Creating and developing culturally-sensitive mindfulness-based programs

  6. Presenting mindfulness and related teachings in a way that makes them more accessible to POC communities in the UK and around the world.

  7. Creating positive and affirmative narratives to help heal trauma. 

  8. Establishing a co-operative of wellbeing and mindfulness facilitators under the umbrella of MNPC.

  9. Creating and sustaining support groups that help POC members with UK mindfulness accreditation. 

  10. Committing to compassionate social action, aiming to engage our community in, and build a platform of, services. 

  11. Establishing a world wide holistic mindfulness directory. 

What we offer: 


1. Annual online international Empowerment retreat.

2. Growing international network and collaboration.

3. Heart Circles for trauma recovery.

4. Digital library, a youtube channel & other resources. 

6. 'Breathe' International monthly online mindfulness group.

7. People community Board 

8. International POC mindfulness Directory 


Our Vision is to create a network and supportive online community that will plant the seeds of mindfulness for diversity and inclusion. JOIN US

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