The World needs more forgiveness 

The Heart Circle Constitution 

Internal system change - We acknowledge that we are living in a system which conditions us to think less than our inner most nature, and hurt each other. We need practices which hold and affirm the best we can be, and which build communities. Change starts from within.​

Transformational - We are committed to creating multicultural spaces where individuals can learn together relationally in order to remain connected to every person’s inherent humanity. We appreciate the complexities of our differences and intersectionality.   


Paradigms shifts -  We seek and value enquiry, exploration and ways of being with each other and ourselves which embody compassionate engagement and integration of host cultures; and not returning or echoing a sense of revenge or powerplay with ourselves or host cultures.   


Leaning in -  We see all human life as a gift with responsibilities, conditions, limitations and systems which set their identity. We place value on all elements of the human psyche, knowing that people are on a journey and process that we must respect and try to engage with authentically. Do not push, persuade, manipulate or punish each other. 


Blame and shame  - To engage and facilitate compassionate inquiry beyond our comfort zone and understand our relation to “whiteness” without compromising our integrity and objectives. We also aim to understand our relationship to other racial groups and their complexities. Emotional emancipation from trauma is multi-dimensional process and not necessarily a 'black against white' phenomenon.  

Economic solidarity - All our events are offered in the spirit of solidarity.  And we’re committed to challenging economic marginalisation and exclusion. Consumerism and capitalism strongly condition our relationship to each other and the world and reduce us to producers or consumers.  If our relationships become mediated by way of financial exchange and contracts we lose something of the heart. We want to enter into a wholehearted relationship as co-producers and collaborators in the transformation of ourselves and our world.


Heart Circles  We recognise the impact of racism, slavery and oppression.  Trauma healing needs to be supported by a range of skilled people who give their time, effort and energy. We are here to provide opportunities for healing and reparation work.  This may require closed spaces for people of color. This often means healing racialised trauma and patterns of internalized oppression.


Interculturally dialogue -

We live in a white centred society but which can learn from noneurocentric models and an understanding and value in multicultural approaches to wellbeing 

We also facilitate learning spaces for white allies who aspire to understand privilege and unconscious patterns of dominance, internalised superiority and inequalities. 


Our Vision is to create a network and supportive online community that will plant the seeds of mindfulness for diversity and inclusion. JOIN US

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