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our vision

Core Values and belief statements 
  • ·         Establishing networks, training routes, and  programs services to promote healing

  • ·         Sharing learning practices and methods which enhance our sense of shared humanity, empowerment and connection.

  • ·         Through training and development, alliance building and service, community of healing, liberation, and living well.

  • ·         Exploring research methodologies and their appropriation for indigenous healing modalities. 

  • ·         Influencing mindfulness through indigenous practices and healing methods. 

  • ·         Illuminating all forms of oppression, in particular our own. Amongst us, this can include those of the African diaspora,   latinos, mixed-race, multi-race, Asian, and black in its various representations.

  • ·         We acknowledge and celebrate the intersectional approach of our multiple identities.

  • ·         Commitment to challenging stereotypes

  • ·         We are committed to recognize, value and paying attention too emotional hurts inherent with our work.

  • ·         Commitment to resolving conflict and appreciate it as part of challenge internal and external work.

  • ·         Commitment to working with white allies within the organization

  • ·         Investigating and working through our won oppressive patterns, as many of us become attached to the role of victim or perpetrator.  

  • ·        Commitment to liberation, but not at the expense of others.  


All shall be well.

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