Mission Statement:

The MNPC contributes to, and facilitates, discussions around social justice and common human purpose. 


       Offering accessible mindfulness to people of colour,

with a culturally sensitive and compassionate approach.

  1. Transformational spaces & resources - We are committed to creating multicultural spaces where individuals can compassionately learn together relationally and harness every person’s inherent humanity.


              We appreciate the complexities of our differences and intersectionality and are endeavouring to develop spaces for people of colour by people of colour. 


             We aim to provide education, undertake research, and provide resources to poc members in the UK and our global poc community in relation to mindfulness based interventions; which include cultural adaptations and contributions to policy making.



 2. Paradigm shifts -  We seek and value enquiry, exploration and ways of being with each other and ourselves which embody compassionate engagement and integration of host cultures. Engaging in an authentic way of  being which honours both our ancestors and cultural richness and our innermost nature, affirming us and building communities.




3. Leaning into our suffering as people of colour -  We see all human life as a gift with responsibilities, conditions, limitations and systems which set our identity. We place value on all elements of the human psyche, knowing that people are on a journey and process that we must respect and try to engage with authentically. We hold and acknowledge our differences as people of colour and the ability to replicate patterns of oppression.  



4. Blame and shame - To engage and facilitate compassionate inquiry beyond our comfort zone and understand our relation to “whiteness” without compromising our integrity and objectives. We also aim to understand our relationship to other racial groups and their complexities. Emotional emancipation from trauma is a multi-dimensional process and not necessarily a 'black against white' phenomenon.  


5. Economic solidarity - All our events are offered in the spirit of economic solidarity.  Accessible mindfulness means providing a programme which is economically accessible to all.  And we are committed to challenging economic marginalisation and exclusion.



6. Heart Circles - To nurture and support other teachers of colour around the world and establish a shared collective journey which promotes growth and opportunities for healing, and altruistic values.


 We recognise the impact of racism, slavery and oppression which we all must endeavour to address.


We recognize the link in our work between trauma and mindfulness, and the potential and need for greater research and development.


We will provide opportunities for healing and reparation work and support for our teachers of colour. 


We will work within the foundations of mindfulness to address racialised trauma and internalized oppression.  




7. Intercultural dialogue & anti-racism


       The work and challenges of equality, diversity and social justice must be challenged and addressed by those with power and dominant cultures, which may require their own spaces of learning and sharing and finding methodologies, avenues and principals where a shared and collective benefit is known and identified, and where an understanding of reducing suffering for people of colour is a common agenda. 





                      William Fley




The Heart Circle Constitution