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Mindfulness Network for People of Colour 

MNPC is a community interest company with a focus on programs for people of colour to explore ways of managing life & positive identity  through a fusion of Mindfulness, ancestral healing and ritual. 
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MNPC (Mindfulness Network for People of Colour)  is a co-operative and community interest company. We are mindfulness teachers, therapists and alternative healers who share practices around preventative medicine and healing from transgenerational trauma. We are trained and qualified practitioners within respected modalities in mental health and endorse alternative indigenous methodologies.
We primary focus on cultivating grief spaces providing resources, live retreats and online courses.
We also address the need in disparities in services, and structural inequalities with a view to give voice, work through internalized oppression and model spaces that nourish and heal.
We acknowledge our own cultural richness and heritage and our standing in the mindfulness community with something to offer. Our services over the years have included bereavement spaces, forest retreats, vipassana retreats, and mindfulness courses. We help develop resilience, compassion, forgiveness, and agency, and help build a positive sense of belonging and identity.


Congratulations to Uz Afzal, Mindfulness teacher of the month

I run MBSR and Radical Self-Care workshops/days.

I trained to teach MBSR through Bangor University’s CMRP and teach 8-week mindfulness courses throughout the year. The main courses I teach are MBSR and Radical Self-Care. The latter is an 8-week course developed through Rainbow Mind and based upon MBSR/MBCT/MSC and CFT. This course was recently selected as one of the finalists for the Mindfulness Initiative’s inaugural Innovations in Mindfulness Award.


Upcoming Events
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Support MNPC

We are a not-for-profit and rely on the donations we receive to help us cover our costs for paying teachers, planning events and website costs.

Proceeds help us grow so that we can bring the healing power of mindfulness to more communities that may not otherwise have access to it.

If you are able to, and would like to, support MNPC financially you can use the donate button below.


Please  check out our crowd funder 

Thank you so much!

Happy 5th Birthday MNPC


Up and Coming Events 

Please see our new 'Bereavement links page' 

for resouces and links around grief support. 


Our '5th annual Empowerment Experience' 

'Transforming Communities - 'Creating our Cultural Calm'

November 18-26th on-line 

Cost of living grant fund from the lottery.


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