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MNPC Round Table- advisors, support and  committee members.

Rhonda Mcgee - Patron 


Professor Rhonda V. Magee is a teacher of mindfulness-based stress reduction interventions for lawyers & law students, with a focus on minimizing social-identity-based bias. A full-time faculty member at the University of San Francisco since 1998, and a full professor since 2004, Rhonda has been named Dean’s Circle Research Scholar, served as co-director of the University’s Center for Teaching Excellence, and co-facilitator of the Ignatian Faculty Forum faculty development program. She teaches Tort; Race, Law and Policy; and courses in Contemplative and Mindful Law and Law Practice. Rhonda is a trained and highly practiced facilitator, with an emphasis on mindful communication. In 2015 she was made a fellow of the Mind and Life Institute, and in 2019 was named as one of world's most important women in mindfulness.

 William Fley -Director 



William Fley is Bereavement, trauma holistic therapist working with people with have undergone adversity, change and challenges around identity and belonging. Born in Central America and raised in New York and of multi-racial inheritance. His ancestry carries a rich history of migration, displacement, resistance, creativity, self-determination, and freedom fighting. Inspired and energised by Buddhism is Sussex as foundation for somatic abolitionism as a means for inner transformation and evolution. Founder of the mindfulness network for people of colour- a CIC which helps address inequality and oppression through mindfulness . To bring awareness of the disparities in the mindfulness industry and  to eliminate cultural and other barriers to accessing mindfulness by encouraging cultural awareness and responsiveness. 

Imani Sorhaindo-Program lead


Imani was born in Dominica, West Indies and came to the UK in 1979. From her late teens, much of her life in the UK has been dedicated to the empowerment of People of Colour; specialising in Equality and Inclusion, and Community Capacity Building through Health and Well-Being. She is a mother, and a grandmother of 4. Her work is grounded in the ancient teachings of the Ausarian way of life, through daily spiritual practice.

Imani is a qualified Holistic Health Practitioner, specialising in Mindful Teaching, Quality Assurance, Life-Coaching and Teaching. Her work with clients and groups centre around the power of Mindfulness Meditation, Guided Imagery and Energy Balancing to align mind, body and spirit. She has been meditating for over 23 years, and writes her own Mindfulness programmes which engage people around the world. She delivers an online 5-week Mindfulness in Action programme for People of Colour, and has also delivered bespoke programmes in Mindfulness to Lambeth Healthwatch, University of East London, Suffolk Rape Crisis, Karibu African Women's Group and many more organisations. She is an author; her most recent publication available globally is 'Nature's Pathways to womb-Wellness', and she teaches online and face to face with community groups and in the workplace.   

Rev Malaika - Director 


Malaika’s roots are African, her heritage is Guyana (a proud descendant of the Windrush) and her birthplace in the North-West of England.


Formative years of growing up on a white working-class estate, she was subject to racialised stigma and isolation, which fuelled her background of socio-political activism and spiritual practice, trying to build a more inclusive world than the one, she was born into.


Over the past 40 years, the root her work, has been actively involved in addressing, the black struggle, mitigating the impact of systemic inequalities for members of the Afro-Caribbean community around the country.


In 2012, She was ordained as an Interfaith Minister. Schooled in 16 different faiths including people of no faith, she knows creates and deliver bespoke ceremonies to celebrate the many milestones in our lives. And teaching community groups to respect all people, regardless of their background.


Other roles include Director, Patron, Co-chair, vice chair and Peace Ambassador of several charities. A Radio presenter, Workshop facilitator and public speaker


Over the years, she has received several accolades and multiple awards. In Nov 2023 her community were thanked for their hard-working efforts with a visit to moss side, Manchester by Prince William.

Hycinth Taylor - Supervision 

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Hycinth has over 20 years of experience in providing counselling and psychotherapy. Having previously worked in Adult mental health within the local authority, NHS and voluntary sector, Hycinth has a special interest in working with depression anxiety stress and OCD. She has gained her qualification in clinical supervision in 2010 – she has worked as clinical supervisor for both groups and individuals. Combining her counselling framework and supervision philosophy with her extensive years of experience, to provide a unique style of clinical supervision. She completed training in Mindfulness based approaches in 2012 at the Oxford Mindfulness Centre.
In addition to her Clinical Supervision training, Hycinth is a registered Mindfulness based teacher in MBCT and MBSR as well as a Mindfulness based supervisor with BAMBA.

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