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Sun, 04 Apr



The Shaman's path towards healing Trauma

Vimalasara (Valerie) Mason-John a senior teacher in the Triratna Buddhist Community presents the Shaman's path to working with Trauma.

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The Shaman's path towards healing Trauma
The Shaman's path towards healing Trauma

Time & Location

04 Apr 2021, 17:40 – 21:20



About The Event

Breathe - Monthly People of Colour group

Vimalasara (Valerie) Mason-John a senior teacher in the Triratna Buddhist Community presents the Shaman's path to working with Trauma.

The session will begin with a 20 minute mindfulness meditation likening the body to the mountain,  feelings like the ocean, thoughts like the cloud,

emotions like the moon, and breath like the earth. And then they will present the Shaman's inquiry in working with healing trauma.

Vimalasara (Valerie) Mason-John is the author of 9 books including Detox Your Heart, Meditations for Emotional Trauma. They are the founding facilitator of Compassionate Inquiry a method of working with trauma as taught by Dr Gabor Mate. They have trained in Internal Family Systems that also is designed to work with complex traumas. They are also one of the leading African Descent Voices in mindfulness approaches for addiction. There latest book, I am Still Your Negro An Homage to James Baldwin, is a poetic look at the impact of racial trauma.

Muna Light & Usu’ra

Usu’ra is a Shamanic Energy Healer who works with you to develop and reignite your own energetic gateways; connecting you to your own innate wisdom and knowledge in order to live an embodied and integrated life full of healing, self-love and self-empowerment.

“When we live an embodied and integrated life, we can hold the essence of the Cosmos within us thus creating a life of love and connection to ourselves and with the world around us.”

Muna is a sound healer whose worked organically with her voice incorporating from crystal healing, sound baths, meditation, organic shamanism for over 20 years.

She works with The Gaiadon Heart; Lemurian Healing; SomaEnergetics whole body tunning; healing Hertz; celestial realms and various other healing modalities.

Integrating them as channelled through her, and as she works with you, her guides and yours to elevate; restore self-love and align you with your highest good. Healing at a cellular level and shifting energetic blocks or traumas which no longer serves you from your auric field inwards.

What is a heart circle? A heart circle is a form of healing and connection that is generated by a honest and sincere way to be all inclusive, and present to people's path and process. It is offered with a sense of connection to traditions which connect us to our ingrained humanity, our sense of inter-connectedness with the earth, and our journey into the extraordinary. In these gatherings we can connect in ways which are traditional to indigenous cultures, using our life experiences, truths and convictions as our main tool. We can transport into the world of our ancestors, connect with our higher power with a sense of group empowerment through ritual movement and storytelling.

The 7 intentions for POC groups.

• Community: a unique and safe environment where you are held. Where you can begin to explore areas of identity such as the intersection of sexuality, race, gender, class, disability, without judgement. To establish connection, celebration and value.

• Meditation: an opportunity to explore and discuss our racialised bodies and a framework that contains, affirms and nourishes opportunities for spiritual growth.

• Transcendence: to deconstruct and identify the oppressive power structures that govern the psyche and the ideas that perpetuate them. Construct a positive and affirmative healing environment.

• Affirming: to awaken and strengthen the potential within our lives and the people of colour environment, and to attain a sense of belonging.

• Ownership: grounding, knowing and seeing the truth, acknowledging our own complicity in maintaining these structures and the denial that allows us to continue life as usual.

• Compassion: transcend and understand the concept of intersectionality and foster a sense of belonging, respect and responsible ethics.

• Insight and Wisdom: to cultivate a sense of self investment and to see for ourselves the value and meaning of a life based on awakening and potential.

Cost: £10 Membership Only or £20 Standard (Non-Members) or £50 support us, Students - Free

Free with Breathworks annual membership

About MNPC

The Mindfulness Network for People of Colour (MNPC) is a small, not-for-profit independent organisation established in 2018 in the UK by William Fley. MNPC is made up of our community leaders, committee board members, peer group facilitators, key volunteers and project coordinators.

We are happy to announce a collalboration with Breathworks- please let us know if you are member of Breathworks and you will have your admission covered within your yearly Breathworks membership.

We are not associated with any political, religious or institutional organization.

We are dedicated to making a kinder, wiser world by making transformational education widely available.

We want everyone to have access to transformative tools such as mindfulness, emotional awareness and self-compassion regardless of economic, social or physical challenges. Our events are led by gifted and exceptional BAME teachers from various backgrounds who can connect with the BAME and the LGBT experience. And people who want to practice together and develop a meditative practice to build a better life for themselves and those around them.

2021 Breathe Programme

January 3rd :    Skywalker Payne and Muna Light

February 7th :   Eugene Ellis

March 7th :       Rashid Hughes

April 4th :          Vimalasara Mason John

May 2nd:           Dr Rehena Harilall

June 6th :          William Fley  and Rhonda Magee

September 5th : Vanessa Sibanda

October 3rd :      Professor Cre Dye and William Fley

November 7st:    Barbara Soltero/William Fley/singhashri Gazmuri

December 6th :   Dr Erica McInnis


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