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Stages of Grief

We provide:

  • Bereavement Counseling

  • Mindfulness Grief programs

  • Grief Retreats

  • Links and Resouces

  • Community

Vision : To reclaim mindfulness as an inclusive and diverse approach to contemplative practice 

To harvest best practice in research and programme delivery that we may feel a sense of joy and recognise that possibilities are limitless. 

We believe it starts with a commitment to our mental health, and to inclusion, acceptance and belonging. As spiritual beings, ready to make valuable contributions, we can recognise that we are worth the investment of resources  We can move past  opinions that we have to change who we are to fit in and be successful. And move past the self-blame and criticism to love and connection to ourselves and others. 


Honouring Grief workshops 

For many people of colour grief can become the norm.  Many people don’t realise that each loss and grief can trigger other traumas and other unresolved grief; that sometimes we just keep going and that is complex grief. And sometimes losing those people we hold dear bring into question everything about the urgency of inviting life.

This workshop guides you to relieve the visceral effects of losing someone, through gentle restorative movements and meditative breathing.  You have permission to express and share your lived experience through the stages of grief. This is a sacred space that allows you to share your loved one’s story, their gifts and positive attributes, their profound impact on you and how you will honour their legacy.

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Empowerment 9 day Experience :

A scared annual vital space for people of colour to work through ancestral healing through ritual,  dance, sounds, discussions and collective energy and gifts.

Each year we explore themes, key areas and practices to foster and nurture growth and collective healing. We were the first organization in 2020 to run a global 'poc' Retreat.


We been discovering, healing and sharing through our 'Youtube' channel, and many messages of legacy. 

We are exploring the effects of transgenerational trauma and realize its all about our community. 


We are aware of the  internalized narratives which cause shame, divisiveness, and also endorse defective patterns.  These are rooted in both personal and collective histories. In a legacy of the dominant culture through the history of racialization.

But to meet what is yet to come and what hasn't arrived in full capacity we must build the foundation of trust, and expansive heart and mind that we can build strong and safer communities. 

Knowing we can all share and contribute to the richness. 

Vipassana /Windrush retreat a Intercultural exchange 2023. 


Deepening a body-cantered process of personal and communal transformation means building that capacity for self (and other) awareness, becoming intimate with our bodies in ways that foster acceptance, call upon our maturation, and make us more available for transformation…and reclaiming the animal body (and what is primal and primary to experience). This is a decolonizing the body program of focus.

Mindfulness Network for people of colour works with ancestral healing through ritual, song, and movement. 

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The MNPC contributes to, and facilitates intercultural discussions around 
and common human purpose

Aims of POC groups: 

Creating a welcoming and culturally supporting meditative space for POC.

Supporting programs of people of colour. 

Highlighting and developing cultural awareness and related research, links and programs.

Creating a supportive community through intercultural dialogue.

Creating positive and affirmative narratives to help heal trauma. 

Establishing a co-operative of wellbeing and mindfulness facilitators under the umbrella of MNPC.

Committing to compassionate social action, aiming to engage our community in, and build a platform of, services. 

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