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Muna (Marcia) Escoffery

Sound Energy Healer

Muna, AKA Marcia Escoffery, is an award winning singer, six times nominated by the public, as a member of one the best female gospel group in the UK, The Escofferys. She was signed to Atlantic Records USA during the early 90’s.
After two life-changing experiences, the break up of her marriage and two years later the sudden death of her sister, she re-evaluated the meaning of life and how to make a difference to others.
Naturally resonating with spirituality and holistic healing, the search to find her true divine purpose and passion began. Starting with a home based voice tuition practice, Marcia helped clients initially find their inner voice, explore and develop their vocal range, and soon discovered that many clients actually required help with unlocking emotional blocks or releasing old hurts to free their voices.
This was key to helping clients producing a better sound, inducing positive energy and bringing about a new found appreciation for each client’s own sound.
This developed into ‘Soul Sound Healing and Voice Care’ for the professional and layman user, a holistic approach to releasing emotional blocks or hurts, whether from the past or in the present, to bring balance and harmony to the physical body, restoring the vocal sound and encouraging the authentic voice to surface and be present.
Since February 2022, Muna has launched her new sound healing practice ANGELICUS SANATIO, after 27 years of experience in this field, hosting events primarily in Crystal Palace, South London.

Muna (Marcia) Escoffery
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