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Usu'ra Jones

Energy Healing

I am a Holistic Healer - an Ancestral Healer - a Coach and a Shamanic Practitioner …

…and I offer you the space and time to connect, acknowledge and heal those soul wounds which have been bearing down on you for so long. I offer sacred time and space to attune to the stories and events of your life and attend to them with patience, grace, curiosity, courage, tenderness and insight.

I create sacred healing spaces for you to explore, shed and release the emotional loads, behaviours and burdens through honest discussion; deep questioning; broadening perspectives; visualisation for connecting and reconnecting; healing and removing energetic blocks; breathing exercises and forgiveness prayers.

We are all at different points of our own unique journey full of open and new landscapes that hold intricate and magical details. My place is to support, assist and guide you to shine a light so that you can look at and reveal of what truly matters in your life and what is important for you. I am here to support your healing, witness your becoming and remind you of your magnificence so that you can move to the places your Spirit calls you to be.

Usu'ra Jones
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