What is the MNPC Vision?

To develop and promote professional standards, transformational tools and mindfulness programmes for people of colour and the engagement of cultural, ethnic and racial dialogue within the mindfulness community. 

What is the MNPC Mission?

Guided by the foundations of mindfulness, the MNPC contributes to the development of leadership, facilitating discussions about social justice and common human purpose, with mindfulness learned and taught accessible to new generations.

Become a Member of MNPC International 

MNPC offers two levels of membership – Individual and Professionals.  Membership to individuals that are actively working to shape the future of the mindfulness teaching field within the context of POC groups.

Individual membership: access to our monthly People of colour group or LGBT group. 

Benefits MNPC Individual & professionals Membership Include:
  • Access to the MNPC community of mindfulness teachers, allowing you to network with leaders in the mindfulness teaching community.

  • Members discount price for retreats/workshops

  • The opportunity to pursue an internationally recognized accreditation or certification that shows you have met our rigorous standards of mindfulness teacher training.

  • Access to resources, support and supervision.

  • Advertise your services on our wellbeing directory.

  • Be featured on our YouTube channel to a global audience. 

Become a member

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Individual membership 

£50 year

  • Priority booking for MNPC retreats

  • Discount for workshops of %10

  • Access to our mindfulness and holistic directory

  • Free POC monthly group with international mindfulness teachers

Professional  Membership 

£90/ year

  • Listing for you or your organisation on the MNPC website

  • Free one-on-one resourcing session on Zoom

  • Invitation to present at our monthly poc meditation group and YouTube presentation

  • 10% off bookings for retreat and workshops.